Just Dance.

It has been one of those days.

Everything in the world seems to be going wrong, and what grace I had, spilled on the floor with my toddler’s milk earlier today.

This morning, my husband and I were enjoying time with our sweet child. We drank some milk, ate a waffle, and watched some cartoons. My husband walked out to start the car and leave for the store as I was finishing some chores, and getting ready to play with my munchkin. Life was good.

Well, it didn’t stay good for long. My husband walked back inside to inform me that the brakes had gone out on our car.

What?! Super. Add that to the list expenses already piled up. He takes the van instead to make the grocery run.

While the husband was gone, my daughter and I are making silly faces and brushing our teeth. “Teesh!” as she says. Some of the worry and stress started to melt away.  I then start a load of laundry.

“Alright!” I thought. “The washer makes this hideous banging and clanging noise half-way through the cycle. The perfect reminder of another thing that will need to be fixed in-the-near future.” (I refuse to buy another washing machine until this one completely dies.)

My daughter and I play for a few minutes before I dress her for play time, and there it is. All that banging and clanging.

I really don’t need this today.

I take a deep breath and turn away to grab her play clothes. When I turn back around, my daughter is dancing – and I mean really dancing! Hands are swinging, her whole body swaying and bouncing, and she has the biggest smile on her face.

Then, it hits me. Right smack in the face.

I wasn’t being very grateful. I was so frustrated from things going wrong, that I neglected to see the things going right. What I saw as an annoying, clanking sound, my daughter saw as a chance to dance. A chance to be let go and be free from everything in that moment.

I couldn’t help but join her.

So, there we were. Two girls dancing to the rhythm of our washing machine – and loving it! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time and I am so thankful that God used my 18-month-old daughter to teach me a lesson.

Life may not be perfect, or even good at times. However, if we will allow, something positive is sure to arise.

There is always a reason to dance.

What is your reason to dance today?


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