Peace: Our Only Remedy

I love discussing politics and religion. Instead of being offended that someone has a different or opposing set of beliefs, I embrace the likenesses we have. I always look for common ground.

With all of the presidential campaigns in full force, I often find myself in many conversations about the importance of healthcare, religious values, the economy, and social issues. I hear many differing beliefs, but the one thing that remains a constant is the desire for our country to be unified.

For the first time in my life, I have witnessed a nation that is fueled by hatred, scorn, and brutal rhetoric.  We are a nation divided. This deeply saddens me.

Daily, race is becoming a larger issue as discriminatory practices are running rampant throughout the country. We are becoming more aware of police brutality incidents involving race, and we are eager to find a solution to these problems.

Religious values, on all fronts, are taking a hit. Some want prayer in public, others don’t. Everything is offensive to everyone and there does not seem to be a positive resolution for these issues. We are attempting to appease everyone we possibly can, however, there will always be someone who feels as if they are being victimized.

I continuously pray for true religious tolerance; not offenses over minor and obscure details of a particular religious sect, but true peace. We have been fighting over religion since the beginning of time, so I am unsure if there will ever be harmony among the nations and religious institutions. However, we must keep hope.

Out of the many individuals running for president who is talked about frequently, is Donald Trump. He seems to be bringing the brightest light to the aforementioned issues. Not the kind of light that typically brings understanding, but the harsh and relentless light that blinds the masses. He desires to ban Muslims and build walls. He is constantly insulting anyone he sees as a threat. He plays on the fear of the American people and uses it to his advantage.

That is not a sign of strength. That is a sign of true weakness.

I do not fear a group of people because of their radical counterparts. I fear the ones who choose to group the radicals with the individuals who peacefully practice their faith, unwilling to acknowledge that certain groups as a whole do not partake in such atrocious acts.

I want a leader who searches for peaceful resolutions with other leaders in the world. I want a world of peace.

I want to once again see my country unified. We are far too strong a country to allow ourselves to be defined by hatred.

I pray that all will look through eyes of compassion and feel empathy within the core of their being.  I long to see us embrace those who are different, and always offer a helping hand. After all, it is our duty to help our fellow man.

As you continue your walk through life, you will constantly be confronted with complex ideals and opinions on how you should treat others. Always remember that we are all humans trying to survive.

It really is that simple.

Hopefully our next president, when needed, can look at situations with simplicity and compassion.

There is too much hatred in the world. Peace is the only remedy.


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